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Baby Nursery Ideas for Creating a Safe and Stylish Space

Baby Nursery Ideas for Creating a Safe and Stylish Space

Do you have a little one on the way and need some baby nursery ideas? Ensure your nursery is safe with this guide to setting up a nursery. We'll go over how to babyproof the space to create a safe nursery, some tips and tricks for creating a bedroom your baby can thrive in, and how a Yay! Mats play mat will allow your little one to crawl and play without worry.

How To Babyproof and Create a Safe Nursery

When looking at baby nursery ideas and trying to design a cute, comfortable and safe space, there's a lot to consider. From choosing the right wallpaper to deciding on the proper baby-safe furniture — it can be overwhelming. But at the end of the day, the most important thing is to ensure the room is safe for your child. The following are some of the top safety tips to follow when setting up a nursery.

Keep in mind, this list should not be considered exhaustive; it should be used as a starting point. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider or refer to the American Academy of Pediatrics for a full checklist of safe nursery standards.

Crib Safety

As your baby will usually be unattended in their crib, this should be a totally safe space. The following are just a few tips that follow current safety standards for crib placement and features.

  • Most older cribs no longer meet all the current safety standards. Make sure to use a crib manufactured after June 2011. This is when the current safety standards banning drop-side rail cribs went into effect.
  • Your crib should have no rough edges, sharp points, splinters or cutouts.
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  • Tighten all bolts and screws on your crib, removing any plastic covers and packaging.
  • Ensure that the slats on your crib are no more than 2⅜ inches apart. This will prevent your child from getting their head stuck between them.
  • The mattress should be the correct size for your crib. There shouldn't be any gaps between the mattress and the sides of the crib wider than two fingers. This will prevent your baby's limbs or body from getting stuck.
  • Never place any blankets, bumpers, pillows, stuffed animals or toys in your baby's crib. This can pose a serious suffocation hazard.
  • In terms of crib placement, make sure to put your crib somewhere that doesn't receive direct sunlight in the morning or is near a streetlight at night. This can disrupt your baby's sleep patterns.
  • Never place your crib near a window, as children can get caught in or suffocate from hanging blind cords or draperies.
  • Want to hang a mobile? Make sure it's placed well out of reach of your little one and securely attached so they can't pull it down.

Changing Table Safety

While changing tables make it much easier to change your baby's diaper or clothing, falls from such a height can be extremely serious. Because of this, it's important to consider the following safety recommendations when setting up a nursery with your new changing table.

  • Ensure the changing table is sturdy and has at least a 2-inch guardrail around all four sides.
  • Your changing table pad should be concave, with the middle being slightly lower than the sides.
  • Diaper supplies should be within your reach but not your baby's. This way, you don't have to leave their side to get them.
  • Always buckle the safety strap on your changing table, but don't depend on it to keep your baby secure. Always place a hand on your baby and never leave them unattended.
  • Never allow your baby to hold or play with a powder container. If the powder particles are inhaled, it can injure their lungs.
  • Store disposable diapers out of your child's reach and always cover them with clothing when they're wearing them. If they tear off pieces of the diaper and swallow them, they can easily suffocate.

Nursery Safety

In addition to crib and changing table safety, you'll want to be sure you're putting the proper precautions in place to create both a safe nursery and home.

  • Anchor all furniture to the wall so it won't fall over if bumped or climbed on.
  • When purchasing a toy chest, it's best to purchase one without a lid. If it has a lid, however, just make sure it has safe hinges that won't pinch and air holes in case your child gets trapped inside.
  • Securely install window guards to prevent a baby or child from falling out the window.
  • Complete all painting and wallpapering at least eight weeks prior to your baby's arrival date, leaving windows open for ventilation before the actual arrival. This will reduce any potentially harmful fumes.
  • Install smoke alarms outside of every bedroom and on every level of your home. CO detectors should also be installed on each floor of your home.
  • Purchase cool night lights that don't get hot, keeping them away from drapes and bedding.
  • Use plug protectors in any unused electrical outlets.
  • To avoid burns, use a cool-mist vaporizer or humidifier. Be sure to regularly clean it to avoid bacteria or mold growth.
  • If you have a rug in the nursery, be sure to secure it to the floor with double-sided tape, so you don't slip when you're holding your baby.
  • Use cordless window coverings when possible or make sure to put any dangling cords out of reach to reduce the risk of strangulation hazards.

Safe Baby Nursery Decoration Ideas

In addition to ensuring you're using baby-safe furniture, you'll want to incorporate safe nursery decorations throughout the space as well. Stick to lightweight artwork that won't seriously injure your baby if it falls. And avoid any decorations with long strings, ribbons or other strangulation hazards. The following are just some of the many safe baby nursery decoration ideas to choose from when adorning your little one's space.

  • A fun or whimsical chandelier, sconce or pendant light brings a bit of joy into any room.
  • Vibrant, unexpected wallpaper or paint colors can encourage creativity and wonder.
  • A little library nook with floating shelves is a great way to display your child's favorite bedtime books. When they're older, it will make for a great space to read and learn.
  • A gallery wall is the perfect way to display fun artwork or sentimental family photographs.
  • Personal touches like an engraved stool or personalized artwork add a little something special into a nursery.
  • Wallpaper the ceiling for a statement look that draws the eye upward and gives your little one a fun and inspiring view from their crib.
  • Mount anything and everything for cute, convenient and safe storage options.
  • Purchase or DIY a growth chart to track your child's height in an adorable way.

Yay! Mats Products That Keep Your Baby Safe

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