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How to clean?

Gently scrub the tiles with a damp towel using a mild soap and water*. Let them air dry thoroughly (front and back) or wipe with a dry towel.  Please wipe before first use.

*To avoid water damage and moisture being trapped, make sure both sides of the mat is completely dry before placing it down.  Trapped moisture may cause fading, mold, or mildew to your flooring. Same applies to water or milk when spilled onto the mat.  

Can the mat handle a coffee table or craft table on top?

Depending on the weight of the table, it may leave a permanent indentation on the soft foam.

Will my pet's nails damage the mat?

Sharp nails will damage the surface of the mats since they are made of soft EVA foam.   

Can two sets of playmats be linked together to create a custom sized larger mat?

Absolutely! You can expand to any larger size by adding more tiles.

Can this be used on carpet?

The mats work best on tile, wood, and any flat surface.  We don't recommend them on high pile carpets because the teeth connecting the mats will get loose. 

Can the mats be used outdoors?

The mats are not intended to be used outdoors, but we have seen people using them on the deck or at the park.  Long sun exposure may cause the designs to fade.  

Is there a warranty?

One year limited warranty for damaged or defective mats.  Please contact us and provide your order number and clear images of the problem.

Damages or defects resulting from the following circumstances are not covered under the warranty:

  • Negligence
  • Commercial use
  • Modifications to the product  

YAY! Mats are will not be liable for any damages to floors not following our suggested guidelines.  

Do you ship internationally?

We do not offer international shipping from our website.  Amazon USA will provide shipping to Canada with additional shipping and duty fees.

Safety and Tips

  • Always supervise children and pets 
  • Keep mats away from fire and extreme heat
  • Check with your flooring manufacturer to make sure the mats are compatible 
  • Make sure surfaces are completely dry before placing the mat to avoid trapped moisture.
  • Avoid suffocation, keep plastic storage bag away from children and pets