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Foam Tiles & Floor Mats for Babies

If you’re a parent or loved one who appreciates not only aesthetic, but also wants a high-quality kids foam mat, then you’re in the right place. Yay! Mats offers a modern take on the typical cheesy foam mat for kids. With our mats, you don’t have to hide your child’s mat in the closet when guests come over, or push it to a back room so no one sees; you can match your mat to your interior decor. These kids foam floor tiles are versatile, durable, and are safe for both young children and babies.

We carry a variety of mats including Brooklyn Cross White design, Henri Terrazzo Grey design, Swan Grey design and more! Find the perfect baby floor tiles and kids foam mats today!

Yay! Mats was created because there was a need for modern and functional foam mats for babies and young children. While typical mats are cumbersome and impractical, ours are versatile and can be easily transported. Our goal at Yay! Mats is to provide families with stylish and usable foam floor tiles. Children and parents can easily clean our mats and move them around to fit their needs. More importantly, every single foam floor mat is made and tested to high safety standards so we don’t have to sacrifice functionality, aesthetic or safety. Having trouble finding the right one? Contact us today and we’ll help you find the perfect kids foam mat for your family.