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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Baby Shower Gifts

The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for the best baby shower gifts that parents-to-be will absolutely love (and actually use)? Consider this your go-to gift guide for baby showers. Keep reading for some of the best and most unique baby shower gifts for your next shower. From floor mats for babies to handmade gift baskets, you're guaranteed to find creative baby shower gifts that any baby (and any parent) will cherish for years.

Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

Before you begin shopping for good baby shower gifts, it's a smart and polite idea to check the baby shower invitation for all the clues and details you'll need. Invites typically include what the baby's gender is, what the party or nursery theme is and where to find the registry. The invite may also note if there's a wishing well or fun addition you can bring with your main gift, like a book, socks or another useful item like diapers.

Keep in mind that baby shower gift etiquette does not state that you must stick to gifts on the registry. With a theme and/or gender in hand, you're sure to find unique baby shower gifts your friend or family member will love.

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The Best Baby Shower Gifts

The best gifts for a baby shower are those that are thoughtful, unique and useful for both the new parent(s) and the baby. Consider what items they'll need most or what items will bring a little joy and play into the every day. The following are some of the best baby shower gifts that are universally loved by new parents and babies alike!

Play Mat

Babies LOVE to crawl around and explore, or just lay on their backs and be cute! But most mats on the market are bright and brash, clashing with home decor styles. New parents shouldn't have to sacrifice form over function. Yay! Mats Play Mats are gorgeous, high-quality kids foam mats that are durable, versatile and safe for both babies and children, making them incredible gifts for a baby shower. These stylish foam floor tiles come in six modern patterns, like Brooklyn Cross White and Carter Mudcloth Tan, and are perfect for any den, living room, nursery, bedroom or playroom!

Fashionable Diaper Bag

Let's be honest; most diaper bags look like diaper bags. Gift the new mom or dad a stylish diaper bag that can easily be mistaken for a high-end tote or backpack. There are so many options out there now that include helpful compartments, insulated pockets and other convenient features. There are even versatile options that can be worn as a purse, backpack or cross-body bag.

Baby Memory Book

A baby's first year is filled with incredible moments that parents won't want to forget. A quality baby memory book or journal is a great way to help new parents document each and every precious moment. Plus, it's an invaluable memento that their child will cherish when they're older.

Infant Cart Seat Cover

We've all been there. You walk into a grocery store with your child and realize you have to plop them into that dirty, grimy shopping cart seat. Alleviate this germ-ridden fiasco by gifting the parent(s)-to-be a shopping cart seat cover. A seat cover is perfect for preventing germs in the grocery store. It can even be used in high chairs at restaurants. It's a portable, versatile, can't-go-anywhere-without-it must-have for any new parent.

Baby Sound Machine

A little sound or white noise can help newborns fall and stay asleep in no time. In the womb, babies are surrounded by white noise that lulls them to sleep. And thus, a transition to a silent nursery can be difficult. Babies can also be startled quite easily by sudden noises. Sound machines can help drown out the silence and unwanted disturbances to keep any baby sleeping peacefully. Gift the newborn (and new parent(s)) a bit of rest with a baby sound machine.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Looking for gifts for a baby shower that are a little different or funky? We love the idea of infusing a little personality into your gift! The following are just a few unique baby shower gifts that will be the hit of the party:

  • Toy Subscription Service. Extend your gift months after the shower ends with a fun baby toy subscription service. Every two to three months, a box will arrive on their doorstep. Each delivery comes packed with developmental Montessori-inspired toys, parenting tips, fun activities and more. You can gift a single box or an ongoing monthly or bi-monthly subscription. Make sure to do your research in order to find the perfect subscription for the new tot and their parent(s).
  • Milestone Blanket. Is your friend or family member all about getting that perfect Instagram pic? Ensure they have just what they need to track their baby's age with a fun and stylish milestone blanket. Each blanket typically comes with everything new parents need for a custom photoshoot, including matching frames, signs and/or liquid chalk markers.
  • Tongue-in-Cheek Baby Gear. Everyone loves clever puns and silly gifts when it comes to babies. Bring a smile to the faces of the parent(s)-to-be and shower guests with hilarious baby clothing and accessories. From taco baby booties to a "Spit Happens" bib, there are countless ideas out there to choose from.

DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Feeling creative and looking to DIY your gifts for a baby shower? If you have the time and skills, handcrafting a gift is a special way to show the new parent(s) you care. But don't feel pressured to go out of your way to put together a homemade gift. It's just another option you have when choosing gifts for a baby shower. The following are just a few good baby shower gifts that you can make at home.

Knitted Clothing or Accessories

If you're talented at knitting or sewing, try your hand at crafting a piece of clothing, booties or a blanket for the newborn. Handmade items are sure to become treasured keepsakes that the new parent(s) will cherish for years to come. And who knows, it just may become a special family heirloom someday.

Growth Tracker Chart

No matter what gender the baby-to-be is, a growth tracker chart is a fun way to keep track of their height. Plus, it's portable! So, no matter where your friends or family wind up, they can take the memories with them, instead of leaving them behind on door frames. You can create a growth tracker chart out of wood and paint or make one out of fabric. Either way, it's sure to last a lifetime!

Fabric Alphabet Letters

Looking for creative baby shower gifts that can grow with the little one? Try your hand at making handmade fabric letters. They can be hung up along a nursery wall for decoration when the child is still a baby and then can come down for playtime when they start school. For a streamlined and stylish look, use the same fabric for all the letters. For a more fun and playful look, create each letter using a different, colorful fabric.

Gift Basket

You don't have to be a crafty phenom to DIY unique baby shower gifts. Putting together a gift basket full of useful baby products is a great way to customize a gift that the new parent(s) will love. Think small items that will be necessities, like bibs, washcloths, shampoo, teething rings, grooming kits, outlet covers, emergency contact magnets, infant spoons, etc. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can roll up a bunch of onesies and cover the basket in them using ribbon.

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Give the Gift of Wonder and Play with a Yay! Mat

Bring the best baby shower gifts to your friends and family with the help of Yay! Mats. Our innovative play mats allow new parents to create a safe and stylish space for their little ones to be themselves — exploring, playing, falling, making a mess and so much more. Each of our mats is made of the best quality materials and meets the highest safety standards on the market. Gift practical, versatile and fashionable fun with a Yay! Mat Play Mat today.

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