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How To Choose the Best Tummy Time Mat for Your Baby

How To Choose the Best Tummy Time Mat for Your Baby

They’ll have to crawl before they can walk, and before they can crawl, they’re going to spend a lot of time on their tummy. To make the most of this period in your baby’s life, you’ll want to be sure they have a soft and cozy mat where they can play, relax and grow. Look no further than the tummy time mat. Keep reading to learn more about how to choose the right tummy time mats for infants and why the Yay! Mats tummy time mat just may be the perfect choice for your little one.

Why Does My Baby Need A Tummy Time Mat?

The use of tummy time mats for newborns can have a huge impact on your child’s overall physical development. The soft surface gives them a comfortable area to maneuver their bodies and strengthens their bones and neck muscles as a result. These cushioned mats can also prevent your child from developing flat head syndrome.

It’s not just about their physical development, either — baby mats for tummy time, especially when combined with some fun toys, can aid the growth of your child’s mental development, as well. They can provide a safe and fun way for your baby to have a little more freedom and harness their motor skills.

Carpets and other porous floor surfaces, no matter how often you clean them, can harbor harmful bacteria. Your baby needs a clean environment to spend their tummy time, especially when their immune systems are still developing. A tummy time mat helps eliminate this problem, as they usually have a smooth surface that is easy to wash in between uses.

Things To Look for In a Tummy Time Mat

When you are looking for the perfect tummy time mat for your baby, there are a few factors you should keep in mind and things you should look for to find the best option for your little one.

Choose A Soft-Yet-Supportive Material

The perfect balance between soft and supportive is ideal. You will want a tummy time mat made from a soft material that will be comfortable on your child’s body but firm enough to encourage easy movement, play and muscle development.

You can find tummy time mats for newborns made from plastic, cloth or foam. Some of them are even water-filled.

Consider Safety Features

As with anything you give your child, safety is a top priority with tummy time activity mats. Some mats come with accessories, and anyone who has a baby knows that anything and everything will go in their mouths. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that any small parts are secure and will not fall off.

You will also want to ensure that your tummy time mat is quite sturdy. Make sure there are no loose parts that can be a potential choking hazard. If the mat is plastic, make sure it is free of BPA and other unhealthy chemicals.

Look for Something That's Easy To Clean

If there’s one thing babies are guaranteed to do, it’s drool. You will want a mat that is easy to clean off in between uses to ensure that your child has a clean surface to lay on every time.

Plastic and foam mats are easier to wash, as all you need to do is quickly wipe them down with a washcloth. Cloth mats, on the other hand, may have to go in the washing machine, and they are more prone to stains.

Think About Portability

Your baby’s development shouldn’t have to take a break when you’re on the go. Some mats are a hassle to transport, especially when they come with accessories. Try to find a mat that’s lightweight and easy to store so that your baby can have tummy time even when you’re out and about.

Pick Something That Is Multi-Functional

Mats that come with accessories can be fun for your baby, but they can be distracting when you want to use them for anything other than playtime. To make the most of your tummy time activity mats, you will want to make sure they are multi-functional. Try to choose one that has plenty of space for playing, relaxing and learning to crawl.

Look for Something That Is As Fashionable as It Is Functional

A lot of baby toys and furniture come in neon primary colors. This can look cute in the nursery or playroom, but it can stand out like a sore thumb in your living room.

Even if you’d prefer to stick to your aesthetics, you don’t have to limit the rooms where your baby can have tummy time. Instead, try to find a tummy time mat with more muted colors and a calmer design. There are plenty of options to choose from that are cute and appealing to your baby’s eyes while still matching the theme of your home.

Why Yay! Mats Are the Best Tummy Time Mats for Newborns

If you found yourself reading through this list and wishing you could find a mat that checked all these points, look no further — Yay! Mats tummy time mats for infants are everything your baby could need.

All of our mats contain child-safe, hypoallergenic foam that provides excellent support for your baby’s body. They are 100% free of BPA, lead, phthalates and formaldehyde. They also pass the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) and various toy regulations.

Our mats are also multipurpose. Once your child has begun to walk and no longer needs baby mats for tummy time, these mats can serve as a safe and clean place for playtime. The texture of these mats can help prevent your child from slipping while remaining soft enough to cushion your child’s body when they’re learning to walk or crawl.

In addition, Yay! Mats are easy to store and set up. Our mat tiles make assembly a breeze and allow you to add on as many as you wish to suit the unique size and shape of your room. They are very lightweight and easy to pack away, and every purchase comes with a free carrying case.

You don’t have to compromise your aesthetics, either — you can find a mat that’s affordable and not too flashy but still colorful and fun for your child. Our mats also offer a wide selection of cute and practical patterns, from the earthy Carter Mudcloth Tan Mat to the fun and colorful Emery Rainbow Mat.

Shop Tummy Time Mats for Infants at Yay! Mats

Your child deserves nothing but the best, and quality tummy time mats for infants are a key factor in ensuring the best possible development. Yay! Mats is proud to provide parents with the perfect tummy time mat for their little ones. We have a specially curated selection, so you can find the pattern that best suits your tastes that you and your baby will love for years to come.

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